App Creation

Hi I have been getting this:

quite a lot when creating a new app recently. A browser refresh sometimes fixes it and other times puts the app in place but the name is still ‘Untitled’

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Hi @Jason,

thank you very much for the report!
I am trying to reproduce the problem. I did not get it on the first try. But I will get back to you with an update as soon as possible!

Many thanks again

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I don’t seem to be getting now so maybe it was something strange on my network (I’m on a different one this week).



@Jason, many thanks for the update! I’ve actually invested an hour so far to recreate the problem but so far without success. However, I know that the routing is tricky at this point.
I’ll check again with different network throttling options, maybe it only happens at certain bandwidths.

I’ll get back to you with the result, if we can’t reproduce it we’ll put it on hold and wait if it occurs again at some point!