Import from podio to tape with attachements

Hi Guys,

How do you import with attachments from podio? Is there any tips?


@comfreakph unfortunately Podio doesn’t allow for exporting with the attachments, so you’ll have to get creative here.
Passing attachments (especially larger ones) via an API or web automation can be difficult (even impossible) sometimes.

I’m wondering if it might work to try something like the following…

  1. Export via Excel from Podio and load that data into Tape. Make sure to bring the Podio Unique ID over into Tape for easy reference.
  2. Then set up a special ‘attachments’ app in Tape.
  3. Then build an automation in Podio that sends an email to the Tape Unique Email Address for your attachments app.
    Place the subject line as the Podio Unique ID and have all attachments sent along with the email.
  4. Then build a workflow within Tape such that when these emails create items in your attachments app, it will find the new Tape version of that record with the matching Unique ID, and use an update item action to attach the received files over on that Tape copy of the record.

It’s certainly not an easy 1-step process. And this idea probably needs some purifying to get it to work correctly…but that’s just the first thought I had to try based on your question here.


@comfreakph My team is working on a migration tool that we hope to roll out soon, and this will include file attachments. I’ll post here once it’s ready.