[✅ Solution] Custom Template

Hi Guys,

can we convert our own workspace as our custom template? for future use like if you have a client with same workspace we will just use our own customize template. is that feature implement in tape?


@comfreakph I think the best way for future clients is to create workspace and apps and then share the to the web and clients can directly copy it to their workspace.
See this post.
Hope this helps.


@comfreakph - are you meaning the ability to have one app/workspace in your system as a ‘master template’ and then have exact clones of the same apps in client spaces? And then when you customize or change your copy of the ‘master template’ those changes auto reflect in any cloned versions?

That’s the idea I understood from your post, and to my knowledge that is not a feature that is available.
I have some use cases that would be amazing to manage version control in this fashion, but I imagine this would require some massive back end development to create this type of parent/child app template relationships.

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Found the solution with a simples counter.

@CarsonRedCliffLabs yes, coz in podio we can publish our own template in there and use that whe creating new apps

thanks @tomaz it works. :slight_smile: I duplicate the workspace from published shared workspace.


@comfreakph - sorry slow to reply here. But just make sure you are aware that duplicating the workspace from a published ‘template’ workspace is perfect for getting started.
However that will not apply any future changes made in the ‘template’ to the client workspace version that was previously copied.

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