🟢 Zapier integration

@R.J - I’ll do what I can to post future video tutorials on utilizing Tape. I’m glad it was valuable for you.
Regarding your request to have an integration with make.com - I believe I have good news for you.
I’ve never personally used Make for real work applications, but I did set up an account and could quickly confirm that they do offer Webhook solutions as both Trigger and Action steps.

This should mean that you can apply the exact same idea shared in that Zapier video to achieve the same results with webhooks inside the Make.com connector system


Hi @CarsonRedCliffLabs,
Sorry because I couldn’t get back here before. Thanks for your reply and for taking the time to even test things further by yourself. I’m super impressed and thankful for having you around. :raised_hands:

I already considered this route combining webhooks but wanted to make the point with a native integration since I truly believe this could ease things and speed up workflow creation. This could also foster adoption from the non-coders/non-tinkerers and help to save time.

Thank you Carson, again, your efforts are very much appreciated.