2 duplicate, updating records, avoiding loop

I am trying to create 2 different apps for 2 different types of guests. Task assigner and assignee.

I want the task assigner to create tasks and assign them. I want the task assigner to be able to edit tasks and have it reflect on the assignees end, but I also want if the assignee updates their task, for it to update the Task Assigners app task. That way they can update notes on the progress of the task and the assigner can see them in his app.

I get how to set this up but it will make a loop right? How can i do this, or get the same effect, without causing a loop?

If I’m understanding you correctly.

  • management app
  • task app

From the management app, create a β€˜task’ item from related and assign to person responsible.

In the task app: collect all relevant information like name, details, date, and notes. Format this info inside a calculation field and hide it

In the management app: call the calculation field via @all of field.

This will allow management to see all the information even if updated while also allowing the user to modify and add notes.