A little story about a numpty(me) and the wonders of Tape


I wanted to flag a really handy feature of Tape that often flies under the radar (at least in my case) - its exceptional ability to automatically parse emails:

A while back, in a conversation with @Tim, he mentioned a feature that could extract information directly from the body of an email and neatly organize it into fields within a record. I thought I got it, but looking back, I realized I missed the ‘in-the-body’ part and confidently claimed I’d used it before.

Fast forward to last week, I was deep into writing the code to parse backup logs from emails and set up various workflows based on their status. Right in the midst of it, I discovered that most of what I needed was already happening smoothly, with no automation required, and certainly no lengthy lines of code. It was late and it took a while before I recalled Tim’s comment and then everything fell into place.

For those eager to delve deeper, you can find detailed information about this feature in the Tape help files: Tape Email-to-App Feature.



such a handy useful feature they include that saves many of us hours and hours!