Ability to collapse related items at the bottom of an item

I wanted to toss out the idea of having the related items at the bottom of an item start collapsed or nested in an accordion or toggle element. I know that we have a lot of related items and they are always make things cluttered looking. Not sure if that has ever been a UI/UX pain point for anyone else.

Use case. Hide unneeded items. We imported old data into an app called “archived”. This is at the top of the list of related items. It is only for historical use should we need to reference an old job from the last platform we used. no need for us to see the data and potentially confuse someone.

Hi @1F2Ns,

incoming and outgoing relations will be a central point in the redesign of the record. I will take your idea with collapse and expand directly into our brainstorming for the display settings. Thanks for the very valuable request. And your example shows how important it is to have more flexibility here.
Beside the collapse or the accordion also a costum sorting could be valuable and of course the showing or hiding of fields in the relation badges is a must.
As soon as we get to that in the roadmap I will contact you and keep you up to date.


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Sorting and/or hiding altogether would be an amazing feature for the future. I’ll make it a point to keep documenting my thoughts as they come.