⭐ Ability to view Address Fields in a Map layout like LandmarkMaps.io does for Podio

Has anyone found a good integration/solution for viewing address data from Tape on a Map?
For years we’ve loved using https://landmarkmaps.io/ for Podio. Now we have some clients wanting to use Tape but needing a similar Map View solution so I’m trying to find what is possible for this.

I’m not near a computer at the moment but think this can be accomplished with Google and their API. I found this as a starting point for conversation.


@CarsonRedCliffLabs thanks a lot for the insights with Landmark. I have emailed the Landmark team to see if they would like to integrate with us. I will keep you posted if and when there will be a Tape integration for Landmark.

And thanks for the amazing idea with google maps @1F2Ns, that could be a great solution that works directly!