⭐ Add a currency field to the field list

is there a plan to add a currency field to the field list? if not what is the best way to emulate it? in theory I can set number field for the amount and a category field for the Currency type but wanted to know if there is a better solution out there.

We are using the number field and adding a prefix to format and display as currency.

If you are needing to accommodate multiple currency layouts, then I would use a category, number field, and a calculation to format it. Another idea to look into is having a number field for each currency so users could select the correct one.


Yes, there is definitely workarounds and I would add that this isn’t a priority request in any means. as a matter of fact, even in Podio we added a hidden category field that would update to the correct currency based on the currency selected in the currency field. the reason for that was that calculation fields were not able to access the ‘Currency’ value of a field, so €1000 and $1000 would format the same in a calculation field.

If it is purely for aesthetics. I could help you write out some code that changes the way the field formats depending on what currency category you select.

That’s pretty straightforward.

Let me know what currencies you need included and an example of how they are formatted.