🟢 Add email communication support to items


Currently we are using the GlobiMail integration in Podio and rely on it heavily for communicating with clients. I didn’t find another feature request for email so I wanted to know:

are there others that are using Tape that are also dependent on the GlobiMail feature?
are there any Plans to add email integration in the near future?

this is Pretty much the top missing feature that is stopping us from fully migrating to Tape now.

Thanks allot!

Hi Shir,

We definitely have the email integration firmly planned on the roadmap.
Currently there are a few other features higher prioritized, but our feature roadmap is strongly opportunity driven. So if it’s the only feature that’s blocking you from migrating now, I’m sure we can find a solution.
We might be able to sync your migration schedule with our roadmap so that we can roll out the feature with it.
Feel free to send me your migration schedule directly and we can find the best possible solution on a one to one basis.

Best regards