🟢 Add Language: Brazilian Portuguese 🇧🇷

Greetings friends.

I’m new here on TAPE and I’m loving the tool.

When studying the tape, we saw that it has the power to add a lot of value to the company where I work, with everything, there is a very strong culture in using our language to work on a daily basis. This makes it very difficult for our dear end users. Also bringing here a brief test that I did when building one of our products here at TAPE, I found that when we translated the chrome page into Portuguese, it misconfigured some information that we had entered in the fields. Ex: text field of many lines > when translating the page, it deletes everything that was previously in the field and also does not let you type the rest of the information. I always need to switch back to English and add the information again.

It would be extremely valuable to use TAPE with the Brazilian Portuguese PT BR language. We are a large company with over 300 active Podio users today and over 20 products running smoothly

Can the TAPE family help us with this topic?

Hey Hugo!

I am Toni, Certified Tape Partner in Brazil, and I add thumbs to this request! Actually I have made an email with some appointments for Tape usage in Brazil, sent it to Stefan and Tim.

I guess it is not hard to do, so I made myself available for Tape DEV team to help them with the terms to be used in a PT-BR version of the FrontEnd…

If you need further assistance of any kind in Tape, be comfortable to reach me out through email (toni@ygen.cc) or whatsapp (u already have it), I can help you with the language if you need.



Hi @HugoSoares,

thank you so much for the insights how important a native integration of Brazilian Portuguese language is for your company.

Currently some other features have a higher priority, but as our feature roadmap is fully opportunity driven, we can prioritize the implementation of Brazilian Portuguese language once it is the only feature your company is currently blocking from migrating some uses cases to us.

Because your request is really important to us, we have already evaluated the development effort in detail. Technically it is not a problem at all, since we have built Tape from the beginning to be able to add as many languages as requested. It is only the translation effort of all content, interfaces, email communication etc. which causes an effort of a few weeks. Many many thanks also for your offered support @toni.

Maybe we can synchronize your migration plan with our roadmap so we can introduce the feature with it?

Cheers and thanks again

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