Add Record ID to Flows Called by Other Automations

When a flow is called by another automation (a manual flow) the automation that triggered that flow will have the record ID but then if that manual flow fails it’s hard to debug it if that flow doesn’t have the record ID.
Is the recommended best practice to ID) at the top of each manual flow currently?

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Hi @Martin_E, this is not something I have ever done however it is a good idea and I will see how it works for me, thanks. I normally click the called-by icon and follow back until I find the record:

Your suggestion would be quicker and neater. Just in case people are unsure what you are suggesting the following screenshot shows what I understand:

I think we are a little lacking in ‘best practice’ information for Tape, a lot of what people do at the start is probably driven by what they did in Podio and I am not convinced it makes ‘best practice’ when transferred.

Another thing your suggested method reminds me of is that I have been wishing for the ability to copy automation blocks from one ‘flow’ to another.