Add sending webhook data as part of automations actions set

I’m not sure if this is a feature that i just haven’t been ale to figure out, or if the only way to send webhook data is via the developer tab. I’ve created webhooks to send data to external sources recently and found the process bulky and cumbersome. It also failed if all fields in a record were not filled out completely, one after the other. Because the field data would change its mapping in the webhook data being sent.

So anyways, a feature where we can just choose to send data to a webhook in an action, that way all available fields in a record can be sent to the webhook, whether filled in or not.

EDIT: An even cooler little extra feature, would be to allow users to pick which fields they want to send to the webhook, so then they can combine the data of multiple record into one bundle of webhook data.

Can’t you just make an HTTP request to your webhook?

Yeah, I ended up figuring this out eventually. Ha.

I was going to delete the post but it wouldn’t let me. Which makes sense.
Im just learning about webhooks and http requests etc. So I didn’t even realize it was possible to do that until a few days ago and it opened my eyes up a lot. hah