⚪ Allow Guest Users to Group Apps

Our organization is set up with a focus on the beta testing of products. We have 30+ workspaces set up each with the same 5 apps with a common name (chat, bugs, builds, feature requests, files library).

As we are unable to invite guest users to our workspaces (they can only be invited to individual apps) this leads to apps appearing on the left sidebar where we typically see our workspaces. With 30+ workspaces and 5 apps per workspace, some guest users end up having up to 150 apps in their list, which looks messy and can make it difficult to find a specific app. My requests related to this area would be:

  1. When inviting a user to multiple apps of the same name, currently only one app will be shown in the list for them (I think only the latest app they have been invited to will show). Please make it so apps can be organized per workspace, or are automatically assigned unique names so that guest users can always view all of the apps they are invited to. Currently, we have to name our apps Product 1 - Bugs, Product 1 - Builds, Product 2 - Bugs, etc so that they appear in the list, but again, this is quite messy.

  2. If the above is not a feasible solution, perhaps you could provide guest users the ability to add apps to folders, so they can create their own pseudo workspaces using the organization’s apps?

  3. Make the app list on the left side of the screen vertically larger so more apps can be seen without having to click the “n more” option at the bottom of the list.

  4. One other possible solution to this would be to allow guest users to be invited to workspaces rather than just apps.

Hi @MarkJF,

first of all a very warm welcome to the Tape community! We are really happy that you are here :tada:
Thank you very much for your feature request! I can understand your problem very well! With your structure and always the same app names without the workspaces as a cluster it really gets pretty messy!
Thanks also for your very thoughtful suggestions to solve your problem.

I will get back to you soon with a solution!



Thank you! This is important for me with Enterprise vs ——