⭐ Allow usage of date field end date in calculation fields

Is there any way that Date fields could be set up so that the Start and End date/time from a single date field can be called in the calculation as separate values?

Currently, as it was with Podio, the END date/time data isn’t truly accessible in calculation fields, therefore it requires two separate date fields in order to track the difference between a beginning and ending time.

Examples might be elapsed time for a project - measuring how many days/weeks passed before completion.
Or elapsed time from when a support ticket was received until it was completed.

Currently to run a calculation and measure the delta between those two times it requires two separate date fields in the template (see solution logged here.)

But this seems unnecessary, it would be preferred to be able to do all of this using only ONE date field where the End Date/Time can be completed based on an automation (aka when status is updated to = done) and then the elapsed time calc can run to show the total time taken.

Hi @CarsonRedCliffLabs,

many thanks for the valuable request!
I’m pretty sure it’s possible, I’ll take the request to our product meeting to get an accurate estimation and get back to you here as soon as I have all the facts.


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I second that … its a valuable improvement also for text operations. I’m updating forms based on the fields. Having no option to make use of the end date / time in the referenced field looks incomplete :slight_smile:


  • capture event time in one field:
    • one day with start / end-time,
    • one day without start / end-time,
    • multiple days with start / end-time,
    • multiple days without start / end-time,

All should show correctly in the calendar.

… for API I would just pull the one field and depending on the available information I will handle the data.