⚪ API Connector and HTTP Action - Suggestions

Hey Tape Team,

The new API connector is working awesome, now that we have the issue of scopes figured out. However, I just wanted to provide a list of options that I think might be great additions to what’s already there.

  1. When the information about an API pops up, I highly recommend obfuscating or blurring the client secret so that if people are shooting videos about a particular topic, the secret won’t be shown. I think it’s just a good idea in general to force the user to click an eye icon or something to reveal sensitive data.

  2. It’s great that we got the scopes issue figured out and that scopes have to be separated by semi colons. However, after saving the flow, the scopes are once again separated by spaces, so if you wanted to edit them, you would have to input all of the semicolons again. I wonder if there’s a way to just have an array of scopes, so users can just click a + button to add new ones, or be able to delete existing ones? This would be pie in the sky, but I think the system should definitely keep the semicolons long term and not replace with spaces.

  3. One of the cool added features of the response object from the API connector is to get the raw body, headers and statusCode variables. When you use the built in HTTP function, you only get the body back. I realize that by using the await http action in execute script you can still get the headers and status code, but it would be awesome if the standard HTTP action had a flag in the settings to return the raw version of the response, rather than just the body.