App_field_x_has_changed is always false

When I use a script filter on a changed record, I always receive false on app_field_x_has_changed. I have an automation that updates a value on field x (with trigger automations active). However, the value of app_field_x_has_changed is still always false.
app_field_x_has_changed_previous_value is also false.

The condition “file has been added” also seems to have an issue:

app_field_x_files_has_changed === true && (app_field_x_files_attachment_ids??[]).some(id => app_field_x_files_attachment_ids_previous_value?.includes(id) === false)

As a workaround I use “file has changed” and “file is not empty”.

Hi @Mario,

thanks for sharing your issue. What field type does your field X have?

Hi @Tim,

Thank you for getting back to me. I am sorry, I don’t remember, maybe multiline or single line text.

Have a nice weekend,