⚪ Auto Move Reminders, Checklist tasks, and Records between Focus Sections

I like having the ability in my Home Focus to create custom sections and move Reminders, Checklist tasks, and Records between those sections. What would be a welcome addition would be some light automation or logic to allow those items to move between sections automatically.

For example if I have a section for “Overdue” can the platform automatically move an item on my focus list to that section when the due date passes?

Hi @joelhall,

thank you for your feature request! I would like to have this feature as well, we already did the conception for it during the development of the automations but then due to higher priority on the general actions and other features we had to put it on the automation roadmap.
I’ll re-evaluate in the context of the new permissions and get back to you here.

Thanks again


I completely agree. In fact, @Leo this is something you and I discussed awhile back. I understand that with the unfiltered ability to add any text label to a section on the focus screen, it is hard to program the ‘rules’ for knowing what criteria would place certain actions into those different sections. But I’ve seen this cause confusion for multiple people using the Focus screen in tape (myself included)