Auto replacement of field names

I hate to call this a bug as it is there to make life better but it is also really annoying :wink:

I have had this before so this example is just one occurrence:
I have an app called: ‘Expansion’
The records are also called: ‘Expansion’
I had a field called: ‘Expansion’

I then was trying to run the following line:

const tResponse = await tape.Record.update(current_record_id, { fields: { expansion: content} });

in other words put my variable content into my field expansion all looks fine save the automation however when it runs, this happens:

Now there is a clue that it is going to happen as the word expansion when you type it in is highlighted in light blue as if it is a variable.

If this is not a bug then is there a different way to reference the field that doesn’t get replaced as the only way I have fould to fix this is to delete the field and recreate with a different name?


This also happens if you name your app “Logs” and record name “Log.” In that case, console.log becomes console.log_id.

This one is annoying because it prevents us from using the console.log.


Hi Jason,

thank you very much for the report! This can definitely be called a bug! And also thanks Luis for your case where the same problem causes a different issue!

We’ll look at the problem in detail and I’ll get back to you with a fix.

Best regards