Autofill field on new item page

It would be great to be able to have a button in a record to create a record in another app and when that button is pressed add unique params in the URL to autofill specific fields on the create page

Nice idea :bulb:

I know it’s not quite the same but as a workaround, you can do this with a category field acting as a button.

On click, create new item, attach to original item in a related field. This was our approach anyway.

Additionally, take a look into leveraging Tapes Templates feature if you want to predefine non-variable data.

Currently I allow others to create new items in other apps by having a relationship field that points to a view that will always be empty so the only option is to create a new item but it would be great to autofill related items where the button was pressed or autofill a date field etc

Hey @Martin_E - the quick URL params to autofill a new item would be great. But luckily there are other super simple ways to acheive this as well.

We do it often using a category field ‘trigger’ then a simple automation workflow just like @1F2Ns has mentioned above.
To expand a little on that, if it’s helpful for you, here’s a 2min video showing exactly what we like to set up…


Hey Carson,

Thanks for the video. It’s a work around that I am aware of but involves unnecessary clicking around.
My main use case would be for creating specifc tasks that aren’t templated. So currently I have a tasks table as below.

It would be great to simply be able to click the button, go to the create page with the related lead already filled. I understand your solution but it relies on users to actually click in and add the required information.
My way would just be a lot more reliable for completed information and more user-friendly. Just a quick feature request at this point.
I’m completely happy to use the workaround I already have.