Automatic sharing of a view or entry

How can I create an automation that shares an entry in a certain status to a guest user?

The idea is to release orders to the respective supplier.

Has anyone already built something like this?

Hi @Roman,

Does guests need to have a Tape account so that they will be logged in or is there a need to share with them just one record?

If second option you could send info to suppliers via email. I know basic stuff. :crazy_face:

But if you are looking to share more records with the same supplier and as long as there is not so many of them. I think that way you can create workspace for every single supplier and share app with them. This way they have their own workspace with app and records with orders.

Just my 2 cents :vulcan_salute:

If you come with better solution I would love to know how.

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I don’t believe you can share records via automations yet - that’s something I would love to see as well!