Automations: Message user

It would be beneficial to be able to message a user.

Here are a few use cases:

  • message user to remind them that there is a meeting
  • message user previously collected on item (point of contact, person responsible)
  • micro action that is not worthy of a task (comment on item, approval, deleted item)

Here is a great way we have used this in the past. If an item awaiting comment from a client is not interacted with for 48hrs, then we email them a nag reminder. We send a message to the project lead a few hours before the email is sent to give them a heads up (sometimes our team has taken longer than 48hrs to complete the client’s request so we do not want to send a reminder).

Absolutely and really great use cases for the send message action, especially the client reminder flow is awesome!
So far there were still too few requests to build the send message action. But I’ll take your vote to the product meeting and then we can certainly move the action forward in the roadmap.


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