Board view: group by a relation field

Records on a kanban board view can be grouped by status fields and single-selection fields.

It would be useful to have a kanban board grouped by a relation field, i.e. projects - that are linked to a company/client app - group. Since the linked record has probably more that just one field (the name), it should be possible to define what field to be used as grouping field.

Hi @jakoubek,

that’s really great feedback, I’ll create an issue right away that we’ll take into account when we do the next update to the board view. We have also planned some additional optimizations, such as hiding / showing certain groups.

Do you already know the split by option on the view settings? Here you can choose any relation field to split the view and even get a progress bar if you use a status field in the app. With one click you can see in the board view only the cards that belong to the respective project. You can also click on the progress bar to see the open or completed ones.We use this at Tape for our own issue tracking within the sprints or to view the progress in different projects.


Hi @Leo

didn’t know about the split functionality. That looks promising, will try that out.

Thanks for picking up my grouping idea. The board view is in most cases a highly valuable tool.


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Hi @jakoubek

great, hope it helps you as much as it helps us keep track.
Definitely - we also use the board view in many apps.
What might be interesting for you is that we set the applied filters as default values when you create new records. So if you do the split by on your company/client app, select it and create a new record, the relation to this customer is already filled in.

And please let me know anytime if you have additional questions or need help.


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