Building relationships

Where would you have this conversation? I don’t know which category to choose.

We can discuss

  • building relationships,
  • building business relationships, and
  • building a relationship with the Tape team.

We pay attention to your work, Tape team, because data management is very valuable and influences people’s lives a lot. Data management seems the main topic of the Tape community, irrespective of which software we use to communicate. (Of course, each person can discuss other activities, too. We want to pay attention to entire human beings, not only to one topic.)
While there are tens of programs that help people manage data (some pretty similar to Tape), none of them is the best program one can design today. We would like to understand how useful you, the Tape team, want to make Tape.
This helps us understand how we can shape our relationship.
a. When a member of the Tape team shows interest in what benefits we want, we’d share at least some of them, so that we agree to what extent Tape would help us enjoy these benefits.
b. Which member of the Tape team cares the most about Tape, data management, and the many people who try to organise their activities more effectively?
Such feelings would help us build a useful dialogue between Tape and Sol.

I am the most (re)active reader who’s not on the Tape team. How actively do you want me to communicate with you?

I would schedule online talks about data management with any member of this community. They can be as public as you like. To the extent that we discuss Tape publicly, we advertise it.