Change Order of Related Apps

I know this was a pain point coming form a different platform so hopefully the Tape team will come up with a creative solution.

As it stands, you can not change the order of related apps.
They are either displayed in the order they were added, or by date creation
(I have not checked to see as I’m adding them as I create them)

I would love the ability to drag and drop the order like we do in other places in Tape.
Alternatively, I had an idea when taking a screenshot for this feature request -maybe it would make sense to display them in the order of the apps in the side menu or top menu? Maybe that would not be intuitive.

Regardless, in the other program, we would have to remove everything and then relink the items in the order we wanted them. This was a pain because we kept them a-z and if we introduced a new product then we would have to fuss with it.

Hi @1F2Ns,

that’s an extremely valuable feature request - thanks for that! This is actually a real pain. We will put this on the todo list for implementation when we revise the record.

Cheers and thanks again for the very valuable idea