⚪ Character limit and counter for text fields

We use Tape a lot for Content Creation. Also as basis to push that to other systems. In order for that to work, we need to stick to certain text length. It would be good, to give text fields a character limit and also a counter.

I know I could to this with calculations and even more additional fields. But for an entry with e.g. 15 fields adding another 15 calculation fields and moving them around is a lot of time wasted.


  • option to limit text field to a certain amount of characters (on/off)
  • when switched on, have a field for (optional min)/max characters
  • show current character count vs. max as small unintrusive text below text field.

As a workaround for now, or possibly a user failsafe in the future if this idea doesn’t get implemented, you could solve this with automations.
Simply build an automation that checks a character count anytime your specific text field is updated.
Then strip and keep anything within the limit and remove what’s above the allowed character count limit.
Possibly add the removed text for reference as a comment within some sort of warning comment automated alert that the text was too long for what that field allows.

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Sure, there are some ways, also with fields that calculate the character count within the record and without automation. I just think thats a basic function for text fields, that runs in the browser and wont cause any server load :smiley:

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