💙 Choose default field for "team views: LIST"

I love that we can move the headers around in the [table view] but the [list view] defaults to the first field in the app.

Would it be possible to allow us to:

  • select a field of our choosing?
  • default to the first field as notated in the [table view]?

Use case:
Most of our apps have a [unique id] as the top field (eg. customer number, production ID, …) Seeing that top field is not of much value. Here is an example of the way our item might be structured.



Hi @1F2Ns,

Thanks for the detailed and concise report. You are absolutely right - this is indeed a missing feature in the list, and also in the board (Kanban) layouts, which can be quite annoying. While it is possible to rearrange and enable/disable all properties, the first one cannot be changed:

I am taking this into our product team meeting next week to give you feedback on an implementation.

Will come back to you by mid of next week.


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Appreciate you Tim.

I have something else to add that I feel is relevant while you are looking at this with the team.

My import data has a client ID already in place.
This acts as a customer ID for us.

In an ideal world, they would be added consecutively, and unable to be edited.
Looks like a perfect match for the built in [unique ID] in Tape

I formatted my import file to include blank data where records have been deleted previously so that your [Unique ID] fields would match up against my imported data. This was successful :tada:

I now would like to delete my old field but I see that it is set to be the mandatory default.

  • What happens if I delete this field?
  • Can I set the Tape [Unique ID] as the default?
  • What is I delete a record in the middle? Will all [Unique IDs] move a place to stay consecutive? Or will they hold true resulting in a missing “deleted” entry? 1,2,3,4,5 → 1,2,4,5

Okay. I was able to test out the Unique ID.
Deleted record IDs are not recycled to new entries.

So, now my only question is can I delete me old Import IDs? What will the new default field be? Can I set it to be the business name by making it the first field in the app prior to deleting the current default?

Sorry for being a thorn.

Hi @1F2Ns,

your use case makes total sense, and I see what you are trying to achieve.

Your first insight is correct; For the unique ID field, all IDs are sequentially consumed and will not be “recycled” at all. This ensures there is never a clash between an old (potentially deleted) record and a new one, and every ID is truly “unique” within an app.

The list and board layouts currently do have a couple of quirks around their first field, as you already discovered in your original post here. That means some meta fields will not serve as a proper “first field”. While you can indeed safely remove your legacy old import ID field (or set it to “always hidden” to hide it) I guess you still need a tangible first field. The customer name would be a good candidate for that!

What I saw for some other Tape customers, was composing the name and the ID inside a calculation field to expose both properties as the record title. I added a couple of screenshots for that, maybe it can be inspiring or of help to you.

Great to see you build & have fun & do let me know if anything else comes up!


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Hi @1F2Ns

we decided in the product meeting to implement your feedback in this sprint.
With this upgrade, any field in the list view and the board view can be selected as a title by moving it to the first position.

I will let you know here when we have released the feature :rocket:


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Hi @1F2Ns,

we have implemented your feedback and recently released an update - after a refresh it will be available for you. Now the first activated field in the field list in the customize menu becomes the title in list and board view.



You move so quickly :raised_hands: