Code/JSON block field

When sending or receiving payloads to or from APIs, it is necessary to create variables usually in JSON. Being able to safely store not only what you’re sending, but also usually more critically what you’re receiving back again in a way that is a) exactly what got sent/came back, b) safe and c) manipulatable would be very useful.
Using Podio as a comparison, it is possible to store API JSON responses into text fields directly if using the Podio API, but if using Podio Workflow Automation, as this converts everything that comes in into a string in order to be as “safe” as possible, it means that escaping characters are not escaped and therefore break the payload when trying to manipulate it (in PWA). As a result, we often base64 encode responses so that we can “absolutely safely” write the contents to a field for use later (by base64_decode-ing it, then json_decode-ing it ).

As such, having a field type that is specifically set up to hold code (and NOT PROCESS) it, would be very valuable for working with other APIs.

Hi @petecuff,

many thanks for this feature request! This is indeed a request that we have often heard.
That’s why it’s even more valuable to have an official feature request now, where we can estimate the development effort and put a solution to the problem on the roadmap.

Thanks again and best regards