Community Effort Custom TapeApp GPT

I’m not 100% sure this is the right category to post this to, but I am developing a specialized GPT model to assist users in configuring their Tapeapp automations. This involves creating a knowledgebase derived exclusively from my interactions with various GPTs, including notes and feedback I’ve provided during these conversations. The goal is to develop a GPT that is well-versed in the capabilities and limitations of Tapeapp automations.

I’m seeking collaboration for this project. If you have engaged in conversations with ChatGPT or other custom GPTs related to this topic, I would greatly appreciate it if you could share the URLs of these conversations. This will allow me to integrate their insights into my knowledgebase, enhancing the development of this tailored GPT


Not sure what this is worth, but we use Jasper and trained it on the Tape support docs as well as relevant data sets related to what we are needing to accomplish in any given moment. I’m happy to help out however I can.

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Do you happen to have the file of the Tape support docs?
I was going to go through and copy paste the data into a word doc. Don’t know how to build crawlers yet. ha. I also dont know if there is a better way to get a sites docs.

But yeah, If you have the file still that would be awesome!

Hey BD. I just fed my program the live URLs so unfortunately I do not have a working doc I can share with you at this time. The Tape team may have one but I would be willing to bet that they are using this as a living doc so they don’t have multiple copies to manage.

I suggest training it on ES2021 and samples of how Podio/Tape calc code is formatted. That was the hardest thing I had when getting started.