Conditional 'When a web link is clicked'

I was writing up something else and I remembered this and thought it might be handy for some, so a little tip.

When you are using a ‘When a web link is clicked’ automation don’t forget you can display different web pages based on a conditional block:


Yes! This is one of my favorite features along with the click count. It opens a lot of doors.

Totally :slight_smile:
Now if I could only find a way of managing the generated links or obtaining the actual link that was clicked, I am assuming I am not missing something.

I think it is only one link that is created per item. After creating the link, you can put it in an items field or add a comment on an item.

Not 100% sure if that helps at all.

I think it is more powerful than that, you appear able to create multiple links to the same automation:

both of those links open the same page:


Which in my view really does open up a huge range of possibilities especially if the automation could be past which link was used.


Create them in a loop and then email contacts. Then you could track who opened the asset. :thinking:


A click count. That brilliant! I didn’t even think of doing that. I am definitely adding it to my automation.

It would be amazing to track how much time the user spends on the link after opening it, but I think that may be outside Tape’s capabilities, possibly with an external API.

For my specific case, I usually keep one generated link per record on a link field and only regenerate it via automation (triggered by a single select dropdown). I always clear the old link before regenerating a new one.

When you say ‘clear’ you mean from the field? or do you know of a way of de-activating a link?

Yes I clear it from the field to allow the new link to replace the old one. That way I only have one link on the link field.

The only way I know to deactivate a link is changing the “Web link expires” to “On click”.


Would be interesting to be able to systematically deactivate links. I can think of a few use cases for that off the top of my head.