🟢 Create an Excel or CSV after getting a view from an app

We’re looking for the best way to get a monthly report of data that gets a view from one app, then creates a simple excel sheet with the data pulled, and then emails that excel out to a defined user.
In Globiflow we used to have a “Build Excel Sheet” action available in workflows. Is that something that will be available in Tape?

Hi @CarsonRedCliffLabs,

we have already implemented in the manual export that the currently selected view is used. So only the columns and entries that are visible in the view will be exported.

Also for the automations I have good news for you, we have already implemented the create excel endpoint in the API, but not yet rolled out an action in the automations. But @tim has already built an excel generation for a client via the execute script action.
This is very technical though. But he wants to write a short tutorial how it is possible to use the excel generation already now with the script action.



Thanks @Leo that’s good to hear.
Yes the manual export actions can work for now. An automated report is desired for the long term solution however.

I had wondered if a script action could solve this, but that’s above my head. Excited to see Tim’s eventual write up and then I can have my team who’s smarter than me apply that idea.