Create PM via Email

Hi together,

I am searching a way to create a personal message to users via personalized email from outside of tape.

Use Case: We use a Skill Training app where users need to be registered. Due to data protection we need an email adress for registration, password reset and reminder-messages for new trainings, but login can be handled via user name.
Since blue collar workers should not be able to โ€œcheckโ€ their mails on their private phones and will also not use these emails other than stated above I thought creating the user with the login they already have and then sending them a personal message through tape for new trainings or password reset would 1) keep all data connected in tape 2) solves this issue without having to create a mail and therefore either data security breach (blue collars connecting their business mail with their private phone) or mails that will not be checked.

I hope for a solution here :slight_smile:

Yours, Josh

So far the only way to reach a user directly without using email but within Tape seems to be an automated comment to a record.

Currently there is no way to send an automated PM, also no way to add an automated Task to a person.