Create Template Record on Schedule

I’m still navigating a bit of the Tape interface and really like the Record Template function. Is it possible using Automation, specifically the schedule trigger, to create a new Record based off of an existing Template? For example, on the 1st of each month, create a new Record using X Template.

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@joelhall - I don’t believe you can select from pre-saved templates when you are inside the Create Item step within the Automations interface. (at least I couldn’t find that possibility when testing per your request here…)

You can certainly achieve the same result by customizing the necessary fields inside your create item step…but that would be separate to the saved template and would need updated separately if you ever change the default template that you want to use.

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Thank you @CarsonRedCliffLabs. I couldn’t find anything either. I did start down the path of having certain fields auto populate on record Creation. I then came across Templates and thought “it would be great to auto schedule the creation of a Template at certain date intervals.” To your point in the existing capabilities it would work to use an “on Schedule” trigger to build out a custom record (that is basically the same as the Template I created).


@joelhall I think we are having the same idea.
Record template

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@tomaz I think so too. I have a task set to build out an idea for a workaround. When I get that in place I will post back the solution to see if it helps as a workaround.


Ok, so here is what did as a Workaround to leverage “Templates” when creating new items based on parent record stage change. In this scenario I have three Apps.

  1. Employees
  2. Actions
  3. Templates

The Templates App is a duplicate of the Actions App which can be used to create new Actions in the Actions App. I have uploaded a series of Template records that are split up by a category. Now when the Employee Record reaches a stage that should trigger the creation of that stages Actions, I can do so by getting a saved view in the Templates App and creating a record for each of those in the Actions App.

Currently this helps so that if a new “Action” needs to be added to the list, it can easily be done via the Templates App vs updating an Automation every time.

What would be great (and what I had in mind in the feature request) is to create the Templates using the actual Template feature now available on the Records and reduce the need for the Templates App (which would then require you to update the Automation if a new Template were to be added to include that Template).

Quick demo of this in action here - Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom