Customise Webhook response

Following on from this I would like to be able to customise the response a webhook returns. The main reason for this is for authorisation as some systems require a certain response to be returned before thy will send data to the address and at the moment I can’t think of a way of making it work.

As specific example Slack will send data to a webhook using its Events API however it requires a handshake so when you first add the Tape Webhook address it will send:

    "token": "Jhj5dZrVaK7ZwHHjRyZWjbDl",
    "challenge": "3eZbrw1aBm2rZgRNFdxV2595E9CY3gmdALWMmHkvFXO7tYXAYM8P",
    "type": "url_verification"

and it expects the challenge to be returned with the 200 response.

You can still send data from Slack into Tape by building a / command app however it is not as nice/useful as an Event one.

There is a number of systems that require specific responses not just Slack.