[DONE] Ability to reorder app list in Automations window

Not a huge issue, but multiple times we’ve had users asking us why they can reorder the list of apps inside the workspace, but then when they view the apps inside the Workflow Automations Center the list is not in a matching order.
See screenshot examples below showing the difference…

It would be nice if inside Automations the apps reflected whichever order they are in the workspace OR if the order could be rearranged in that window as well.

Hi @CarsonRedCliffLabs,

thanks for the report. I have checked directly and this is definitely a bug. The order of the apps is org centric for all users the same and should also be within the workflow center 1:1 as in the workspace.
This seems to be caused by the rollout of the new drag & dop framework and unique positions of apps.
I will keep you updated here as soon as the bug is fixed.

Cheers and thanks again

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@CarsonRedCliffLabs the fix is live! Now the app position in the automations should always be reliably in sync with the app position in the workspaces. Can you please doublecheck after a refresh that the position in your case is in sync as expected.

Thanks again for the report!


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Now working as wished for. Thank you!
This is a minor thing, but much appreciated for ease of quick navigation in the workflow automations interface.