⚪ Move App Automations out of the main list on Archive

As stated in this: [DONE] Ability to reorder app list in Automations window - #3 by Leo the app list in the Automations Window matches the order of Apps in the main window, however, it seems that when you archive a Workspace this remains in the same location in the workflow list:
melotte.consulting 2024-01-20 at 06.48.55@2x

melotte.consulting 2024-01-20 at 06.48.38@2x

I would like ‘archived’ Workspaces to be removed from the main list in the automations window they could go in an ‘Archive’ section at the bottom if they need to stay listed.

Hi @Jason,

thank you very much for this feature request. Of course you are absolutely right, your idea is very valuable. We have built the archiving of workspaces after the automation center, so archived workspaces are currently not handled.
If you have a lot of archived workspaces, it quickly can become very messy.

Thanks again for this very valuable request


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