[DONE] API: Record Update - Should I see the notification?

Hi, when using API to update records https://api.tapeapp.com/v1/record/{record_id}. I don’t get any notification of content changes on the right sidebar panel - All -. Should we be getting the notifications?


Hi @andyG

thanks for your question. :eyes:

Indeed, when a record is updated via API, the change will yield a notification for people following that record - analog to making a change inside the web application directly. Note, that as you are utilizing a user API key, there will be no notification to that user the API key belongs to (because technically he/she is making the change on their own). In addition, only followers of the record will receive a notification.

There is also an option to omit notifications when making an API call, you should find out more amongst our documentation (the parameter is called silent):

If you’d like to know more about how notifications work in Tape, check out the help center article:

Hopefully this resolves your question. Let me know if there are any further things that should be clarified.


  1. Your statement is not documented.
  2. Sorry but that doesn’t make any senses. The nature of API is called per business logic at different execution path(s). Why making an assumption that the notification should be suppressed per API key owner? I want to get notified, regardless of what API key being used.
  3. BTW, is there an organization level API key? I don’t see under organization UI.


  1. While there had already been documentation in place here, we enhanced it by adding the respective implications that I stated above to make it clearer.
  2. The docs now also contain a workaround, if notifications are needed. Use a dedicated user for the API key in that case, which will yield notifications to all other users in any event (as long as they follow the record).
  3. Currently there is no org API key, and also this is not planned for the near future. Feel free to create a feature request stating the desired behavior (also think about permissions etc.)