[DONE] Caching Issue with @all of field

I have been building item apps for the last week.
I have one that has a potential caching issue.
No matter what I do, it puts a shell of the display above and below the item(s) when they are called via @all of field

  • I have reopened and saved the field
  • I have tried commenting it out
  • If I remove the @all of field it goes away
  • I have deleted all records in the all except for one.
  • I changed the field name
  • No other apps/items are doing this -they all follow the same format/layout
  • changing the rendered output to “xxx” will update the record in the middle but the one above and below remain the same. That is why I’m thinking this is a caching issue.

Field is called “Line Item Preview”
Renders without issue

When it is called via the @all of Line Item Preview the two Null items are shown above and below it

Happy to do a screenshare, if needed.

So, I was able to resolve this by deleting the calculation field in the app.
I then copied all of the data to a new field and relinked it via the @all of field.
Looks like everything is working as expected now.
I will open a new ticket if I run into this again.