[DONE] Creating a PDF shows empty

I am trying to generate a PDF as the above screenshot shows but when the PDF is attached to the record it shows blank.

Hey now, we are doing a lot with PDFs and I have not had any issues so far.

  1. Are you able to see data if you preview the PDF? Bottom left corner of the PDF block.
  2. Take a look at the logs in the top right. Are you receiving any errors?
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Hey @1F2Ns,

No I am not seeing any errors, even when simulating vars. See below:


But the PDF still shows as below:

Thanks for that.

Do me a favor and move everything in the body of your PDF to a calc field (placed above it) and then call the cal field in the body of the PDF.

Another test would be to create another PDF with just some text in it.

Let’s see if it’s isolated to the text inside the PDF or the PDF itself.

sometimes that issue will come out because of margins, try to use narrow margins instead. and check the result. you need to run it for actual result.


@comfreakph - You got it. It was the margins!


@Martin_E really happy to hear you were already able to figure this out. :partying_face:

As @comfreakph stated, the reason was the values for the margins. The provided values (20") are too large, as a letter document is only 11" wide:

We might want to improve our input validation here in the future, to warn users on invalid input and prevent confusion.

Thanks for your fruitful inputs & for figuring this out so quickly

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