[DONE] Deleting an item in a related app (from a relationship field) does not set the field to empty

When i delete an Item from a related app, the field in the original app does not reset to empty.
Step to reproduce:
Create App1 and App2. App1 should have a field called ‘App2 Relation’ with an outgoing relation to App2.
in App2, delete an item that was previously connected to App1.
In App1 set a table view. set a filter where ‘App2 Relation’ is not empty.
The filtered list shows rows with empty values.
this also applies to sorting, where the empty fields will not show in order (first or last, depending on ascending or descending)



@shir thanks for the report, we will look into it this afternoon (german time :wink: )

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@shir thanks to your detailed report I could reproduce the scenario. I encountered the bug you reported when enabling the option “allow linking to only one record” in the respective relation fields.

The sorting and filtering in this scenario should now be fixed!
Kindly confirm whether it works for you now :slight_smile:


Felix saves the day, again :raised_hands: