[DONE] End date in automation bug

Found a bug with the end date in automation

end date is BEFORE
(always true regardless if date is past or future)

converting to script I can see that it is calling the start date, not the end date

Adjusting to use the end date resolves the issue


great catch. To be honest I’ve set up some client flows using this and just blindly turned them on without sufficient testing. I better run check if they need adjusted!


I released a “podio task” workspace to the community so we’re part of the same tribe.

Thanks for reporting this. Will check it out, reproduce asap and keep you posted here. :pray:

We were able to reproduce the issue, and just deployed a fix. @1F2Ns could you recheck whether this is working properly now?


I can confirm that everything is resolved when toggling between the classic filter and script filter.
For clarification: no one will need to manually do anything to correct previously saved items.