[DONE] Ensuring Visibility of Selection Fields in Card Templates for Proper Entry Creation

When I create templates for cards in boards and populate a selection field with a choice, the field must not always be hidden, otherwise, the value won’t be filled in when creating an entry using the template.


Hi @Hans,

thank you very much for the report! We will check your issue in detail and get back to you here!


Hi @Hans

we have fixed your issue! Thanks again for the report. Now you can set default values for each field with templates and set the field to always hidden and it will nevertheless always be filled with the set default value.



This is a big deal Leo :clap::partying_face::tada:

I strongly suggest making an actual mention of this in a standalone post.
(you know, with all that free time you have)

There are a lot of use cases this functionality can be applied to.

Un-editable fields that can only be updated by automation
Idea: hide the field, update with automation, display on front end as read only in a calculation field.

Category field that triggers automations:
start on pending, always hidden
[ pending | send email | do something else | complete ]

Project status
always hidden, updated by calculation
[ pending | ready | progress | complete ]