[DONE] Field conversion leads to hidden status field and prevents record creation

Good afternoon people,

I can no longer create records in any application. Are we having a problem?

Hi @bruno.freitas,

thanks for your report. I cannot reproduce your issue, record creation seems to work fine.

Are you missing any required fields? Did you try refreshing your page?

Thank you & cheers

I have not run into this with Tape yet but sometimes I have issues because of browser add-ons/extensions/plugins that I use.

Can you try again in a different browser or incognito window?

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Hey guys!

I believe I managed to find the error.

The Status field does not have the Always Hide option, as it is a mandatory field.

However, I have a hidden Status field. I think this must have happened when I converted the field’s type.

The fix is ​​to delete the field and add another one. However, it may be a point of correction in the future: Do not allow the conversion of a single selection field (That is Hidden), to a Status field.


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@bruno.freitas thanks for the clarification - and also the detailed analysis. :tada:

I also renamed the post to reflect those insights.

Totally understood, we will check this case and make sure your issue cannot occur anymore.

Will keep you posted here.


EDIT: We just deployed a fix that should prevent this from happening in the future. Thanks again for reporting this!