[DONE] Flow Failing with no error message

I have one flow that was working fine but on the 10th it just started failing at the first brick without any error message. Is this a bug possibly?

Hi Martin,

many thanks for the report! That does indeed look very unusual to me, so it could be a bug. We will check this in detail and get back to you!

Thanks again for the report!


Managed to find the error thank to @Tim!

It was, of course, error in my code but I believe Tim is going to make the error message more obvious so thanks for that!


Said and done - we improved error logging in such cases to expose the error message to users. :bulb:

This should at least assist users with debugging and give a hint about what is going wrong in user’s custom code.

An example:

Instead of
let value = ''

a user typed:

let value == ''

While previously, only the code editor indicated the error …

… You will now also receive a proper error message for the failed run:

Screenshot 2024-02-15 at 08.54.50

@Jason this might also be interesting for you, as you reported a missing error message in some scenarios in the past.

We hope this makes things easier and helps you resolve issues more quickly in the future! :tada:




This is great :slight_smile: any extra detail on errors is greatly appreciated by me :smiley:

Thanks :tada: