[DONE] Inconsistent Filter Results for Checklist Item Due Dates

When running a filter to identify any subtasks from a checklist type field which may have been missed, we are seeing inconsistent results.

For the example I purposefully set 3 leads to have subtasks due ‘yesterday’ and 1 to have subtasks due further into the past.

Results for the following filters were as follows:

Checklist/Due Date -> Any is on or before -> Current Date
result = 4 Correct

Checklist/Due Date -> Any is before -> Current Date
result = 1 NOT correct

Checklist/Due Date -> Any is -> Yesterday
result = 3 Correct

Checklist/Due Date -> Any is before -> Tomorrow
result = 1 NOT correct

Hi Carson,

thanks for reporting this - we will look into it and provide feedback here as soon as possible.


Update: We indeed identified an issue with the checklist “Any is before” match type. A fix is already in the pipeline and will be live soon. I will notify you here when the fix is live.

Update #2: The fix was just deployed and should resolve the inconsistent behaviour you reported. Kindly check and confirm that this is fixed now, and do reach out to me directly if you have any further questions here regarding this issue.


Thanks for such a quick response here!
I can see changes have been made. My filters are returning the expected results now.


Very glad to hear, thank you for your feedback and happy building!


Good catch. Welcome to the group

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… that’s true! We’re excited to collaborate with all of you.