[DONE] Issue with related

Hello great community,
we have 2 apps, one has 8379 records, other 10277.
Both are related to the same app.
When we select form app with 10277 records it works normally. But when we select from 8379 records it takes up to 5 min to get selected record.
Anyone ever had similar issue? Both apps are structured the same. 10277 is app with duplicates, that’s why we did another import. Import was created a couple of hours ago and app has no calculation fields at the moment.

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Hi @Tomaz,

thank you very much for the report.
We’ll have to take a look at that right away.
What do you mean by select and get selected record? Do you have the delay in the search to relate records or in the automations?


Hi @Leo, thanks for quick response.
In video you can se what i mean selecting from related.
No search automation just takes some minutes to select dropdown from related records.

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@tomaz, thanks for the quick update. There seems to be an issue with the relation search.
We are looking at the problem in detail and I will get back to you here when we have first inisghts.

Sorry and best regards

Yeaaaaah… I see it is working normally :+1: great…

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@tomaz oh really? Our guess is that the current search is too inefficient for the number of records in your app (the relation search still uses the old search algorithm for some reasons). But it probably depends on the search term.

Therefore, as a quick fix to unblock you, we wanted to roll out new search algorithm without customizing to the relation field today.
But when everything is working fine again for the moment then we will spend more time and customize the search perfectly to have the best solution. But this will take about 1 - 2 days. But if you are blocked we can roll out the new algorithm without dedicated customizing as an intermediate step.


Yesterday search in table was also not working when searching by related record.
Then I create calculation field and it was ok.
I was wondering maybe search is not working in table view when searching related, but now I understand that is related issue.

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In that case, however, your guess was absolutely correct. The view search already uses the new algorithm, but relation fields still need to be rolled out. The problem is that relation fields can point to other relation fields and thus the title of the Record is for example a date field in nesting depth four and moreover depends on the language settings. The logic must therefore be developed separately and for this there is an issue that we have already planned. But the workaround with the calculation field is a great interim solution.

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@tomaz we have just rolled out the new search algorithm for you. Can you please double check again? Should now search much faster and return more accurate results!



Sorry for late response,
Indeed it is much faster.