[DONE] Lazy loading sometimes a bit too lazy?

Not sure if its just me - sometimes the lazy loading of table rows seems to be a bit too lazy. It sometimes takes 2-3 attempts to get it loading further rows? Or is it just a bit too much delay from the UX perspective?

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Hi @dirk_s,

thanks for sharing your issue. Could you elaborate when exactly the lazy loading takes multiple attempts? Are you talking about scrolling down inside the table where more records should be fetched?

The loading should not be delayed usually.

I will try to reproduce your issue and come back to you here.


Yes, it means that often I need 2-3 attempts when scrolling to the bottom, before it will load the next few rows. So for instance the table has 79 rows, after 25 it needs to reload. It doesn’t do it instantly, it often feels like it takes 2-3 “knocks on the wall”.

I’m using and up-to-date Edge with MacOS. Its there since a while, not just today.

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Same here, sometimes I just keep scrolling and it takes a couple of up and down to load next 25 records.


Thanks for your input. We will look into this and come back to you here once we have new insights or a fix is available. :eyes:

:mega: Update:

We were able to reproduce and resolve this issue over the holidays, the fix is now live. You should not see this annoying misbehaviour anymore. Thanks again for bringing this up and for constantly helping us to improve Tape for you and the community. :rocket:

Cheers & happy new year :partying_face: