[DONE] Links in comments inconsistent

A few issues with the handling of links in comments:

If you add a single URL into a comment it tries to resolve the address and put the OG image etc in the comment but this takes a while and if you hit return whilst it is still thinking it will either give up or it can even add the comment without the OG block but then leave that block in the comment input.

If you try to add a link Markdown formatted as a user it doesn’t format the link:

if you add markdown formatted links via automation then it displays the first link correctly but not any following links in this comment:


Thanks for your report @Jason - the issue that only one link was properly parsed was indeed a bug on our end, that has just been fixed. Kindly confirm that now all markdown links are properly transformed now. :star_struck:

Regarding the preview badge: It is intentional that the badge is currently not generated via the API, as that is special web-client functionality. Feel free to create a feature request for the developer API to support creating those link preview badges additionally.

Happy building & thank you for your patience :pray:

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Thanks @Tim I can confirm that now multiple markdown links are correctly transformed/parsed when added via automation. It would be nice if markdown links were parsed/transformed when added manually. I’m happy to make a feature request for that one if needed.

The Preview badge issue I think I have failed to explain this properly I am happy with it not being there for links added via the API, I will try and explain the preview badge issue better in a DM, and then we can raise a different bug or request and leave this one closed.

Thanks for fixing the parsing it is great to have that working :slight_smile:

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