[DONE] Mass mail with 5k records

Hi Community,

How do you guys send mass mail in tape? coz I tried build one base in View and limit it to 1000 still the automation automatically cancel the process of failed because of timeouts. Is there any tips doing this in Tape, coz in podio we can execute mass mail with 1000 records each process.


Hi, @comfreakph I am not sure it is possible to send 1000 in one hit unless you use an API mail service and send the list in one call.

Limitations | Tape Developers (tapeapp.com)

An example of how I have sent to a list:

Set your limit to whatever you want maybe 200?

Change the β€˜yes’ to a β€˜sent’ at the end of the send automation.

The examples are taken from something I did the other week and it sent the mail via API but the principle is the same.

All the best