[DONE] Notification / revision activity for silent workflow automation action blocks

Although I set the automation step to be silent…

I still get a comment in the record:
Bildschirmfoto 2024-03-14 um 13.10.52

And also for the second action:

Hi @dirk_s,

thanks for sharing your issue.

Indeed, this is the specified behavior (and also consistent with the behavior of Podio and GlobiFlow in the past, which you might know):

:bulb: The silent flag will only prevent notifications from being sent to users who follow the record, it will still yield a proper changelog inside the record. Think about accountability and keeping track of changes - otherwise, it would be possible to manipulate record data without notice and without a revision showing up.

This spec is also mentioned here.

I hope that answers your question - let me know.


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Thanks for clarification. Wanted to clean up the amount of messages and misinterpreted the function.

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